Country Roads Inspiration

We have gathered Home Made -Artisan-Specialty Items from all over the USA for your shopping pleasure!
Our Handmade Soaps, and other products, contain NO genetically modified oils (GMO).
Buy with confidence, you are not supporting the "engineered food industry".
Our handmade product formulas are unmatched, our premium ingredients are abundantly rich!
True premium blends of Shea butter, concentrated blends of aloe, olive oil and more.
Great essential oil and herb selections for all natural soap and herbal soap selections with abundant aroma in handmade essential oil soaps and fragrance soaps
We carry an All Natural Selection. Others contain a small level of synthetic fragrance . Please see the ingredient lists, as to your specific selection.
Cold Process Soap: Handmade with high quality vegetable based ingredients, truly made from scratch, in house, from raw materials (not "melt & pour" soap or common glycerin novelty soap, which may look pretty, but is terrible soap). Our artisan soaps are a great novelty on their own merit, no toys or extraordinary shapes necessary.
Reputable sources for raw materials- no shady distributors
Made in the United States- NOT imported- and yet competitively priced
No animal testing
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
Customer Service is of the utmost importance to us!
Anthony J. Zakrzewski
Country Roads Inspiration